Ballroom Etcetera

Los Alamos


Do I need a partner?
No, just a willingness to dance.

Do I need to know how to dance a waltz / tango / foxtrot / swing / cha-cha / rhumba / whatever (choose one)?
No, come and don't be shy. There are always more experienced dancers there willing to show a few steps. Even the very best dancer started out as a complete beginner. For those who want to learn a little more, there are Thursday night classes held every week where some of our most experienced dancers will help you learn the ropes.

What kind of shoe should I wear?
The shoe should fit comfortably, as you will be actively moving around in them. The best kind of shoe for this type of dancing is one with a leather sole, as that has the proper amount of give for spins, turns, slides, and generally moving across the floor. If you have actual ballroom dance shoes, then bring those, but otherwise just show up and have fun!